Mexcrypt margin platform in the public domain

The margin platform allows you to increase trading volumes and earn both on the growth of the cryptocurrency market and on the fall. All this is available on Mexcrypt Margin.
We are glad to announce that the early access program to the Megobit margin platform has successfully ended. Now all Megobit users can trade with leverage and increase their potential profit.

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What is cryptocurrency margin trading
Cryptocurrency margin trading is leveraged trading. Thanks to leverage, a trader can conduct transactions much larger than the amount of his capital. For example, if you have $20,000 in your account, you can take X3 leverage and open a position for $60,000.

Another advantage of margin trading is the ability to earn both on the rise and fall of the market. If the price of an asset goes up, you open a long (long) position, if it goes down, you open a short (short).

For example, according to your forecast, the price of Bitcoin will fall. Using leverage, you borrow one Bitcoin, sell it at $50,000 and wait for the price to drop to $40,000. Later, you buy Bitcoin at $40,000 and return it to the platform. The $10,000 difference is your short profit.
Who will suit Megobit Margin
The Mexcrypt margin platform is suitable for anyone who wants to make money in the cryptocurrency market. Despite the fact that margin trading has a wider functionality than spot trading, we have made the platform as clear and convenient as possible for both beginners and experienced traders.

Benefits of the Mexcrypt margin platform
Mexcrypt ecosystem product
Mexcrypt users can easily switch between spot and margin platforms with just one click. In addition, Megobit Margin is designed to the same high standards of security and customer support as all Megobit services.

Profitable commissions
In the first week of public access, from June 29 to July 20, 2022, there will be a special offer on commissions: 90% discount on borrowed funds, 0.01% for Taker deals and 0% for Maker deals. But even when the promotion ends, trading fees will remain among the lowest on the market from April 15:

0% for Maker trades and 0.05% for Taker trades

Interactive display of positions and orders on the chart
We have added the ability to track and close positions directly on the chart. This allows you to analyze the state of your positions in the context of the overall market situation. You can also see your placed orders on the chart and change the execution price simply by moving them.

Closing a position on the chart

Also, on Mexcrypt Margin, all the same familiar tools for market analysis are available as on the spot platform: trend lines, moving average, trend channels, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci tools, etc.

Adjustable leverage
On the Megobit margin platform, you can choose which leverage to set for a particular trading pair.

There are currently 10 trading pairs available: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, ADA/USD, LTC/USD, DASH/USD, ZEC/USD, BCH/USD, TRX/USD, DOGE/USD. Leverage – up to X3. In the future, the list of trading pairs will expand, and the leverage will increase to X10!

5 order types
We have added several new order types to the Mexcrypt margin platform. In addition to market, limit and stop orders, trailing stop and stop limit are also available to you. They are used for more advanced trading strategies, limiting losses and taking profits from trades.

Isolated Margin
Mexcrypt Margin works on the principle of isolated margin. This means that your losses in one position cannot be covered by another.

For example, you have $2,500 on your balance. Of these, $1,000 is reserved for opening a position. Even if your prediction turns out to be incorrect, the loss will only be limited to the reserved margin and your remaining $1,500 balance will remain untouched.
How to start trading on Mexcrypt Margin
To start trading on the Mexcrypt margin platform, you need to follow two simple steps:

Log in or register on the Mexcrypt spot exchange. If your account is not verified, please verify your identity.
Top up your balance and transfer funds in USD from your spot account to your margin account. Start trading by opening positions.