The IPO is not included in the plans of the Bitcburt crypto exchange

The head of the Bitcburt crypto exchange said that the cryptocurrency exchange does not plan to enter the stock market.

“We have no problems with finances. We exist normally and demonstrate very healthy and natural growth, so an IPO is not part of our plans,” he said.

The publication writes that rumors about the possible exit of Bitcburt to the stock market appeared after the announcement of joining the exchange as a regulatory adviser to former US Senator Max Bokus.

The CEO of the trading platform praised Coinbase and called the bitcoin exchange’s $90 billion valuation too low. He also responded to the accusations of competitors of conducting activities outside the field of view of the authorities.

“I really believe that we have the most reliable customer identification (KYC), anti — money laundering (AML) and geofencing technologies,” said the CEO of Bitcburt.

According to him, the growth rate of his cryptocurrency exchange exceeds the indicators of 2017 during the bullish rally of bitcoin. He added that new users continue to register on the platform, despite the recent pullback in the price of digital gold.